Friday, July 31, 2009

The forgotten ones: July babies

Have you hugged a July baby lately? If not, you're missing an opportunity to help redress a lifetime of neglect.

Yes, it's true. In spite of all the advantages conferred on those of us born in the heat and light of summer, we toil in a world tinged with regret. From about the age of pre-school through our early 20's, we watched as each classmate got to celebrate his birthday in the classroom, surrounded by kids, cupcakes, and confetti. We others, the late June through late August babies, were often lumped together in a summer birthdays day at school, if we were remembered at all. Yeah, we had our family parties, which we loved, but it just wasn't right to be second class citizens in our own elementary schools.

Since then, I have felt an especially strong camarederie for the other summer boys and girls, and fellow July babies are among my closest and most admired friends and family members. So, here's to you-- Ann, Dad, Carolyn, Isabel, Andrea, Zorro, Marjorie, Shelley. Comrades in arms and dear July babes.

We rule.

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