Monday, June 1, 2009

Somethin's fishy......

OK, so where was I?  Ah yes, back in Kyoto and we’re sitting at a sushi bar on Saturday night, being entertained by a very charming sushi chef.  His creations were superb, and we got fish impersonations, free of charge, along with the meal.  Our fave was his imitation of a king crab----bet he’s used that one before ! 

Anyway, as we’re munching and ordering and munching and ordering, Jason asks for a jumbo prawn, and, seconds later, the chef scoops one live from the ‘aquarium’ behind him, snaps off its head, and prepares it.  As we wait, and, remembering something about autonomic nervous systems from freshman biology, I speculate for Jase’s squeamish benefit that this shrimp may not be fully ‘on the roof’ when it arrives on his plate.  Lo and behold, well, the video speaks for itself.  Enjoy. 

And yes, Jase did eat it, after some hilarious coaxing from both the chef and me.  Another night to remember…..

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