Monday, June 15, 2009

Seattle Diarist: From Lox to Locks & Eggs

Kevin's been an awesome travel guide and companion during the first several days of the trip, and Saturday morning we started with a very hearty breakfast at Patty's Eggnest, a Seattle landmark (actually, truth be told, it was my second breakfast in a row at Patty's; the first time after our Boeing plant tour, and the second, at a branch closer to Kevin's house). For those---like me--for whom breakfast is the fave meal of the day, and a big breakfast an infrequent but rapturous pleasure, run don't walk to Patty's. Manhandler portions and lotsa good coffee (Seattle, natch). Almost time to hand me off to another set of friends here, but I hope we'll take our traveling act on the road someday again this year. He likes hiking and the outdoors as well as lots of the nerdy things I do, he's smart, and yes great on the eyes, too.

After breakfast, we headed for the Olympia Sculpture Park and the Chittenden locks
which connect Lake Washington to Puget Sound. Of course, salmon are a part of the story of the locks, as they mass on one side of the dam on their way to spawn in freshwater upstream. An underground fish ladder affords window views underwater where you can watch the fish at the start of their birthing death march.

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