Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Once upon a time.....

Before there was a BobOnARoll, there was a Bobby (well, some family and friends still call me Bobby---which I like), and Bobby also liked to travel, starting at a very young age. My first airplane trip was with my dear uncle, Les, on what seemed to me then to be a humongous prop plane that flew us from Chicago to Indianapolis. And, forty years ago this spring, Bobby flew to London and Paris on his first trip to Europe.

Dad's been toiling at digitizing the family photo albums and, every so often, a themed disk arrives from home with the latest assortment. The latest captured my photos from that first
European trip. I've been hooked on international travel ever since, and what a privilege to have a family (and career) that's supported and indulged my wanderlust.

This year's travel theme is developing into an Axis Capitals tour. Two trips to Tokyo so far this year, and, tonight, I fly off to Berlin. Hopefully, Rome/Milan/Venice by year's end, and I'll have completed the World War II Trifecta.

Stay tuned for the Berlin Diarist...... auf wiedersehen!

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