Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama to gays: drop dead

Well maybe it's not quite as bad as the NY newspaper headlines we saw during the Ford years, but even I am astonished at the misfire on policy and communication on gay rights that is coming out of this administration.

This is no surprise. So, if you don't care for 'I told you so' posts, then you can skip this paragraph. But BobOnARoll was predicting and posting almost exactly this outcome before and after the election. Only Nixon could have gone to China and we're probly going to have to wait for a second term or perhaps the Cheney Administration to make real progress on LGBT equality and marriage rights at the federal level (which means military, immigration, pensions, healthcare, the whole ball of wax). Obama is expending political capital everywhere except with this issue. And I don't see any champions at the upper levels in favor of full fair and equal rights.

How ironic, given the historic nature of this presidency. But, at the risk of sounding like a racist, let's be clear: prop 8 in California prevailed in large part because of the turnout by conservative Black and Hispanic churchgoers. The victims of horrendous racism and exclusionary practices are now turning away from a valid constituency that needs their compassion and support. Is Obama, for all his education and liberal open-mindedness, not somehow a product of this environment?

We need and demand better treatment by the officeholders we helped get elected. May be time for more radical solutions but in the meantime let's keep the volume of voices in protest set on 'high'.

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  1. Right on Bob. Unlike you, I didn't see this coming. Shocking in its inadequacy!