Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just returned home from attending the last night of shiva for the father of a very good friend.   Sadly, for me and my friends, this brings to four the number of friends who have lost a parent during the last four months.


Being one of the lucky ones with both parents alive and kicking strong in every way, I am reminded by these passings that the moment for gratitude is now, and not at some future point of retrospection.  Would like to give each of mine a big hug today, and I will, soon.  If yours are close at hand, don't wait to the next Father's Day or birthday or family holiday.  Give 'em a big hug and a big kiss and don't forget the "L'" word......

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the loss. You're perception is right on. I can't wait to give my mommy a big hug when I'm back in Cleveland in September....on another note, Shiva is the highest Lord here in Nepal's Hindu religion and their are "Shiva lingums" all over the country.