Sunday, May 17, 2009

Truth and consequences

Nancy Peloser and the horde of gutless House members in the democratic leadership are the poster children for federal term limits legislation that BobOnARoll has been advocating since he began posting last year.

She should immediately step down as Speaker and the rest of the senior leadership--including our beloved Barney Frank--should disqualify themselves for the speakership.

Wash DC is so consumed with speaking to itself that we are all missing the bigger point. What she knew, and when she knew it, who said what to whom and wrote what memo when, my God !! So does this mean that if Peloser is proven right, that during her briefing the CIA did not use the W-word (not George W), she is exonerated and free of responsibility for not speaking out against the unimaginable cruelty meted out by our government on behalf of We The People?


Individually and as a team, the Dems were rolled by Bush Cheney Rumsfeld et al during the run up to war, throughout its execution, and in the aftermath. It's easy to have political courage, isn't it, when your president is in the WH and you're sitting on an overwhelming majority. But where were the voices of dissent when it really mattered? Silenced.

Having failed miserably as loyal opposition during the Bush years, the democratic leaders don't deserve to govern now.

Nancy, for the sake of the country and your own dignity, please just Go.

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