Saturday, May 2, 2009

Grand finale

Gotterdammerung, the Twilight of the Gods:  Rivalry, jealousy, hatred, vengeance, a stab in the back, and self-immolation---hmm, sounds like my last weeks as president of PlanetOut publishing.....  

Tonight, though, we'll confine the action to the stage at the Met for the grand finale of the Ring.  The opera that has it all !

There are three 'as good as it gets' moments in grand opera at the Met, in my opinion, and Act III of tonight's opera is one of them, the other two being the Magic Fire scene at the end of Die Walkure and Radames's victory march into Thebes in Act II of Aida.   Two out of three in a single week ain't bad !

My friend Moh arrived from Singapore yesterday afternoon just in time for tonight's show----it will be his first Wagner opera---talk about trial by fire !  He's ready to roll;  I'm trying to get my lower back spasms to stop long enough to sit still for 6 hours.  But I think the excitement of the evening will carry us both through.  Will post details here tomorrow.  

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