Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ess, ess, mein kind

How do you say that in Japanese?  Well, doesn't matter, for the moment.  Eat eat eat---one of the joys of traveling in Japan (or anywhere! from my POV).

Some places we travel to are defined by meals, and, I think, for both Jase and me, the trip to Nikko, north of Tokyo, will be defined by the simple yet elegant lunch we had last Sunday at Yuba Zen---a restaurant about 10 minutes walk from our hotel.  Yuba is the dried and reprocessed tofu film/skin that results from the boiling of soy milk.  The restaurant served a prix fixe lunch that included about half a dozen ways to prepare and serve this vegetarian delicacy.  Yum yum.  See satisfied customers below.

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