Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On a roll again

0825am NY time
AA 142 to London for 5 days in the UK with Jason, who is delivering a paper at an art historian's conference in Manchester. We'll head up there Thurs PM then back to London on Sat PM. Home Monday night.

Not sure what my role is supposed to be during the conference. I guess I go to teas and tour local elementary schools and quaint shops while 'the men' are working, yes? Will find out soon.

Maybe I will get a chance to see Barack whizzing by to one or another appointment during his London sojourn. Will try to get a man-on-the-street perspective on the G20 while I'm there.

Love the day flight to London. Chance to work with a clear head, arrive in the mid evening, and sleep in a real bed rather than at some angle greater than 90 degrees and less than 180.

Jase is the one making a longer trek on this trip than me--14 hours from Singapore vs. my 6-1/2. Last few trips to Tokyo, the trip times were exactly reversed. So, all the tables turned around this time...well, almost all.

Stay tuned to BobOnARoll for trip updates.


17h00 London time
Flight is less than 50% full, maybe 35, which is the way it's been since January, say the flight attendants. They are booked solid, they say, starting in a few days with spring break and holidays approaching. Will see for myself on Monday night, though had been working on a 2nd Europe trip for later this month and found far fewer cheap seats available.

Maybe the impact of the Catastrophe is easing. I can see my consulting business starting to pick up as media restructurings are fewer, and clients are in more of a 'where do we go from here' state of mind.

Arrival. Half hour late. The adventure begins.

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