Wednesday, April 15, 2009


On my way to Germany, with a brief pause in Amsterdam for a plane change to Stuttgart.

Trying to remember last time I spent time in Deutschland. Have changed planes in various cities there but don't think I've spent a night since one evening in Frankfurt maybe 15 years ago on my way from Milan to New York. Before then, it was during my college years. Oh boy.

Jase's opening is on for tomorrow evening and am excited for him. Last opening of his I attended was in NYC at his MFA graduation show.

After a few days in Stuttgart we'll head to Amsterdam. I do remember the last time I was there, and it was just after college graduation. Ancient history. So I'll be approaching the city as a wet behind the ears tourist. My vivid memory of getting off the train at the main terminal there: being offered pot and hashish by a motley crew of drug hawkers on the plaza. Wonder how much has changed-- I know I certainly have.

On to Shtupgart.

Stay tuned......

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