Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shoes, glorious shoes.....

I love shoes.  I love Merrell shoes.  Anything and everything Merrell.  I am the Imelda Marcos of Merrell shoes.  Merrell should hang a photo of me in their Consumer Hall of Fame.  Ask Jason.  A year ago we ran across an awesome sporting goods store in Tel Aviv, and I was out of there with four new pairs of Merrell shoes in less than hour.  8 pair (before tonight) now in my closet and would have been 9, except for the pair I left for Jase at the end of our winter vacation.

On the way to Carnegie Hall for a Chicago Symphony concert last night, I passed a shoe store with the largest inventory of Merrells I had seen since Israel.  Ran in to scan the merchandise, but not enough time for a shop-a-thon last night---I knew myself too well---it was either Stravinsky's first movement or Merrell, and, sanely, I opted for culture.  Not today, though---I scurried right over there this afternoon and satisfied my hunger.  3 new pair + a pair of dress shoes (not Merrell).  OK OK they were on sale !

Doing my part for our fractured consumer economy.  You?

Solefully yours,

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