Friday, March 6, 2009


830 am

Mohandas Gandhi is my hero. One of four political/social movement leaders of the 20th century whom I most admire. I have clear memories of reading a Gandhi biography when I was about 8 or 9. I was floored by his steadfastness, commitment to social and political reform, and quiet outrage expressed through nonviolent acts of civil disobedience. The outfits I could live without, however.

Now they're selling off pieces of him at auction, and I was sad when I read the front page story about the sale in today's NYT. We don't have saints in Judaism, but Gandhi is as close to one as I'll be able to accept. So, for me, selling his sandals and eyeglasses and so forth at auction is tantamount to sacrilege. OK, you want one of Jackie O's hankies or dressing table mirrors, fine. But the Mahatma, no never.

There is a god, and I worshiped at the temple this morning. Burlington Coat Factory on Sixth Avenue, which I passed by on my way to a doctor's appointment this morning. Yep, I have really crossed over, my friend, into stores I wouldn't be caught dead in a year ago when the good times rolled. Am now in full immersion into the religion of discount shopping.

Took a deep breath, ran in, and ten minutes later walked out with two Claiborne spring jackets and a sports coat, $235, with tax. Bye bye Bergdorf, hello Burlington. Sweet victory.


  1. According to The Himalayan (Nepal's No. 1 English Daily), "Mahatma Gandhi's meagre possessions are to return home after Indian tycoon Vijay Mailya paid $1.8 million at a New York auction, to the relief of the independence leader's great-grandson. Sounds like they may end up in the Ghandi National Museum in Delhi. Apparently, the seller had a change of heart and now there is legal action. Whatever happens hopefully the money will go towards the benefit of India.

  2. Good news. Sounds like that's a museum worth stopping by to see on my way to Nepal..... :)