Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happiness is.....

Seems like so many of my dear friends are happily coupled or coupling these days, and even though I wish I had a partner of my own, I can at times live vicariously through the joys of others.  

Jase had a 2nd birthday party this past weekend, and the Facebook photos of him and his partner Clarence and their friends warmed my heart.  Wish it could have been me at that party, but that's a long 'once upon a time' story that has come, thankfully, to a happy outcome.
Saw my friend Shu and his partner scurrying up Columbus Ave after the movies last night.  

John and Ken at dinner with Scott, Tom, and me a few nights ago.  

Was at brunch with Serena and Joe, two friends who seem as close as I have ever seen them.

Love is in the air.  A good and healthy vibe during these difficult times.

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