Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kissed by a pharmacist and other wonders of the recession

He came around from behind the counter, approached, and kissed me.

I broke it off with him about a year ago when he stopped taking my insurance--a local pharmacist whose shop I had frequented over the many years I have lived on the upper west side.  But we're back together again, thanks to Empire Blue Cross, which he now (finally) accepts.  He was so happy to see me again that I got a big hug, small smooch.

So the 'affair'---fueled by pills and pills alone--is back on.

A $10 awesome Korean lunch on w 32nd St today with a former publishing colleague.

News from the west coast that a college roommate has achieved a key breakthrough in the development of his web business.

A senior level publishing colleague was hired to sell for a magazine launch coming out of Readers Digest.

A college chum celebrating 22 years of sobriety in AA today.

The home mortgage relief program from the Obamites.

Lots of bits of good news out there.  Keep your eyes open and spread the word.


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