Thursday, January 22, 2009

Squash anyone?

Pulmonary resuscitation units are standing by, orthopedists and physical therapists on call.....

I return to the Yale Club squash courts for a Friday morning lesson, after a hiatus of many years.  Oh boy.

Ironically, my interest in squash---a game I loved and kept me sane during 2 stressful years at HBS--was retriggered in Bali, of all places!  Working out at the local gym one day, I took a break from the weights and wandered down to the basement level, where I discovered a regulation squash court.  Wide-eyed surprise and delight !  Borrowing a racquet and ball from the desk manager, I ran back downstairs and batted the ball around for 15 minutes or so.   Hooked again.

Another sport in which I hope enthusiasm trumps clumsiness.....will let ya know.

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