Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Panic selling

New York was gripped by panic selling today, but of a different kind than we have become accustomed to lately. By 8AM, there was not a copy of the NY Times to be found at any of my regular newsstands---even at the subway stops. Obamamania, naturally. I thought I'd have to ring up some of my reporter and editor friends at the paper to secure a copy of the historic edition.....what was I to do?

Starbucks to the rescue! As I passed by a SB store on my way down Madison Ave to the office, I remembered that most of these shops sell the Times, and, luckily this one did. Bingo. I also bought a grande soy latte in gratitude.

As a side note to my little drama, I think it's safe to predict that the NY Daily News is going to be the next big newspaper casualty in this market. It was the only paper with unsold copies at NY newsstands this morning. Even the free AM newspaper was 'selling' out at the subway stops.

Happy President Obama Day 1 to you. (Love the sound of that.)

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