Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Back in little ol' New York. It is sweet to be home, especially with fine memories of a splendid trip. Long flight time from Singapore-- almost 23 hours point to point. Coulda used those ruby slippers, Dorothy !

Most fave (not ranked):

1. Great (and cheap) new dishes at Singapore hawker centers.

2. Jase's very cool apartment.

3. Turn of the century architecture in Penang.

4. Malay cuisine, with special nod to Kopi C and Kaya toast.

5. Hindu temples and purification ceremonies in Bali.

6. New friend---adorable Moh in SG.

7. Uma Hotel in Ubud and clothing optional evening dips in our private pool.

8. Indonesian cuisine in Yogya & Bali.

9. Contemplating spice levels 4 and 5 at my fave Indian resto in SG.

10. Meeting Jase's family and friends and playing marbles with the Little Man.

11. Changi airport, except for impossibly sluggish passport control.

12. Borobudur.

13. Our driver Bram in Yogya.

14. The mosque in Georgetown.

15. Cali Orchard gym in SG, esp that theatrical staircase.

16. Spicy pepper crab and durian cream in SG.

17. Nighttime motorcycling in and around Ubud.

18. Fish reflexology at the fish spas in Penang.

19. Did I mention the food??!?

Least fave (in no particular order):

1. Large corporate chain hotels (never again on vaca trips, except in desperation).

2. Endless shopping malls in SG.

3. New Year's Eve (should be cancelled worldwide).

Missed opportunity:

Tasting Kapi Lewak (sp?)--Indonesian coffee from beans processed by the digestive juices of civet cats. Mmmm!?

Photos to be posted soon on Flickr.

Great to be back in ObamaLand !