Saturday, December 20, 2008

They're shopping

I knew that somewhere on the planet the inhabitants were gleefully blissfully shopping for xmas. And I found it on Orchard Rd in Singapore today. No recession here, babes. The Lion City has morphed into the Buyin' City.

I couldn't help myself of course and was swept up in the frenzy. The psychology of consumerism cuts both ways---there is nothing more seductive to a shopper than walking into a store and seeing the action on the floor. Here's an idea for Saks NYC: hire a phalanx of upper east side 40something look alikes, stuff their shopping bags with empty boxes of designer accessories, send them out onto the main floor and let 'em rip! Has to be more cost effective than 60 % markdowns.

Singapore is much like I imagined it. More modern and more gritty than I thought it would be, even though these qualities seem incongruous. New residential and office bldgs everywhere. The predelection for out with the old and in with the new, which I saw on a massive scale earlier this year in Shanghai, rules the day here. Construction cranes scattered everywhere throughout the city center.

After we dropped his son at sailing camp, my friend Jason hustled me off to a hawker center for breakfast Singapore style. A spread of soups egg and noodle dishes strong sweetened coffee they call Kopi etc. Full breakfast of four courses two drinks for US$6. Loving it already. Have to remember to write down names of dishes to share with you.

Taxis are inexpensive and clean. Almost everyone speaks great English. On the whole people less attractive than I had expected but very polite, conservatively dressed. The young people far less daring in appearance than the Japanese.

Attended Jon Kiehnau's going away party tonight. Ironically he's coming back to US which is good news for his friends back home.

Great to be here. More to come, possums......

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