Saturday, December 27, 2008

Food, glorious food...

Singapore has many pleasures for the home team and the visitor, and one of them is the glorious, multinational cuisine you can find everywhere. In my experience to date, Malay is the dominant influence on the SG food scene, and I have been treating myself to an excellent culinary tour.

I am an okay photographer at best, and food shots are not my strong point. Witness the item above, a chendol with durian cream. I know--it looks like something your naughty kid brother would pour over your oatmeal to make you gag in the morning, but it tasted divine. Durian is a fruit that is best tasted once peeled and processed due to its unforgettable aroma.

Tonight I went to Little India, where I ate at a superb 2nd floor restaurant named Lagnaa. Some of the freshest northern Indian cuisine I have ever had and of course at a fraction of New York prices. Seated en terre at a small round table, which I was reminded is a way to eat less per sitting due to the position of the stomach and diaphragm relative to sitting at table. Whatever. Food was awesome. SG should be on everyone's world culinary itinerary !

Have also been delighted to be introduced to some my friend Jason's family and friends on this trip. People I have heard about for years are now coming to life. What fun!

Taking a detour to Penang Malaysia for several days of beach fun and great eating in Country #3 of this year's SE Asia tour.

Stay tuned.

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