Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Joy to the World !

It's too early to get serious again.  I'm still giddy and glowing from yesterday's news, splashed all over the front page of today's NYT---Barack & Michelle at The White House.  Wow !  As good as the feeling I had from last week's front page photo of the kids celebrating in the Jakarta school Barack attended back in the day.  The pure burst of unrestrained joy and pride on every face in that photo exactly mirrored how I felt that day---and still do !

My particular brand of joy was captured perfectly by Kurt Andersen in New York magazine this week:  "... for a lot of habitually skeptical, worrywartish New Yorkers, the thrill of victory is especially intense because we’d refused to indulge even a moment of premature celebration. Until late Tuesday night we couldn’t stop vividly, obsessively imagining the final (astonishing) agony of defeat."  (more at  http://nymag.com/news/politics/52029/)  Sound familiar?  

Happy happy happy.....relishing the moment.  
And a special tip of the hat to Rob S and veterans all over America today.  Thank you for your service to the country and god bless.

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