Monday, November 3, 2008

Election eve reveries.....

'Twas the night before voting

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring,

Not even the grouse (that's me...).


The votes were lined up by the pollsters with care,

In the hope that the Democrats

Come gunning for bear.


I snuggled with pillowman, all warm in my bed,

With visions of victory dancing in my head.

The leaflets were scattered on Fifth and Broadway.

Even Sarah had spoken

And fled on her sleigh.


When suddenly I dreamt of a voice from the past.

Like thunder it rumbled with an Almighty blast.

“Ask not what your country...”

The voice did proclaim.

"Let’s vote for Obama, or

Live with our shame."


The specter had spoken

I woke with a start

Then I leapt to the window

With my hand to my heart.


The ghost in his carriage sped over the Park.

On Joseph, On Sarah, On Barry, On Mac.

Go home now.  It’s over. Let’s end the attack.


The people must speak.  And they will in their booths.

The Bushies and Cheneys will be scorched with our truths.

It’s time to stand up and do what is right.

So vote your conscience and to all…a good night!



1 comment:

  1. Wow....a closet poet, eh? Let's hope the stars align and our awesome Senator from Illinois will start leading the United States of America back to greatness. All is not lost, however we've spent 8 long years heading in the wrong direction. Goin to miss my steady dose of Tina Fey though!