Saturday, October 11, 2008

The End of Daze

I limped my way to the end of this week, and friends reassure me I'm not the only one.  By Friday evening, I felt physically ill, and am not sure if it was market fatigue, political fatigue, Asian jet lag, or a combo of all three.  Oddly, I could relate to John McCain's partially-coherent rambling around the stage of this week's debate---we're all feeling a bit dazed and confused by it all, yes?  Here's a time-tested solution:  I want my blankie and I want my mommy !

Barack and Joe are looking good, but, with all due respect, who wouldn't be when compared to the crimp and the simp?  We the people ARE better than this, aren't we? aren't we? AREN'T we!?!!??

OK, so here's an idea whose time has come:  let's run our elections like we run boxing matches.  The judges call the match when, in their opinion, to continue the contest would risk serious or mortal injury to one of the combatants.  McCain seems to fit the Queensbury boxing rule definition:  "A man hanging on the ropes in a helpless state, with his toes off the ground, shall be considered down."  Since we are now in a black hole where no further outward illumination is possible, let's ring the bell and call it a night.

The market gave us a thrill ride all week long.  I have no idea whether we're at or near the bottom of the curve, but if rational economic rules apply any more, then this is clearly one of the best buying opportunities we've had in the last 20 years.  Am spending a fair amount of time this weekend thinking about my strategy for the week ahead, which, mercifully, is a short one due to the Columbus Day holiday on Monday.  Not yet sure what I'm buying, but, once I place my bets, I might have to adopt a tactic useful for avoiding conflict with an errant spouse:  don't look, don't ask, go to the movies.  

In the meantime, I came across this fun piece of video, which captured my mood and gave me a lift for the week ahead.  Enjoy !

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