Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From September 4, 2008

THE DEMOCRATS' WORST NIGHTMARE...... Sarah Palin, and if you watched and listened to her convention speech last night, you might agree with me.  Barring the revelation that it’s actually Todd who fathered Bristol’s baby, I think Palin’s got trouble for us written all over her.

 From a cynical POV, her selection is a further sign of the absolute debasement and American Idolization of our politics.  Will the most popular gal in class please step forward?  My view, after the McCain announcement, was that this effectively neutralizes the VP contest since it clearly is no contest as to whom is better prepared and qualified----McCain’s gift to us is the reminder that the VP selection is, was, and always will be political.  And Palin clearly demonstrated that she is going to be a very capable political performer.  Can’t wait to see how Biden handles her in debate.

Here’s my thought---this election will resemble most others, since it’s another chance for us to reflect how we see ourselves as a culture----America is a religious, conservative, middle-class, traditional society, except for about a 5 mile strip of land bordering the northern Atlantic and Pacific coasts (and Lake Michigan).  My prediction is that we are going to see another election about how powerful those conservative values are.  We’re going to lose another one, folks, because Democrats are mired in high-mindedness at the expense of articulating a vision that resonates with our countrymen’s ol’ time religion---flag, country, prosperity, fairness, and liberty.  Nothing wrong with those values, by the way----we just haven’t figured out how to communicate our ‘great ideas’ to the masses.  Please prove me wrong, and let’s help Barack get out the vote among the young and progressive minded citizens out there.  I’m voting for him but am already shaking my head in dismay.

Oh god, here we go again…..


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