Sunday, September 14, 2008


OK, she’s a know-nothing.  Can we move on?  Or are the media going to spend the next several weeks on a moose hunt, giving Johnny-boy a free ride?  

By the way, here’s the answer she could have used to the Bush Doctrine question from the Gibson interview:   ‘Charlie, the world is a complex, always changing, and often dangerous place for America.  We cannot afford to be married to doctrines, including the Bush Doctrine, that don’t always apply to changing circumstances.  In our administration, we’re going to assess each of our challenges on a case by case basis and decide what policies are in the best interests of the United States.’   Doesn't answer the question, I know, but it's not a bad run-around.

Want to take a fun quiz?  Write down your description of the Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, and Monroe Doctrines and then check your answers at the following:


.....the beat goes on........  Children's backpack contents are now a security risk:

And, a gift idea for the man/woman who has everything:

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