Wednesday, August 18, 2010

He's a wimp

BobOnARoll told you so. Yes yes sticks and stones will break my bones....blah blah blah. He's a wimp.

I'll admit to a character flaw: I have real personal problems with wimps. Maybe I'm afraid of appearing like one?? Not much chance of that.  I don't revile or look down on the poor, the ill, the physically challenged, not the unemployed, not even the deranged (e.g. like Palin and BobOnARoll). I try to have compassion for all.

But not wimps. Wimps I have no use for, because in the guise of strength and determination, they cave, muddle, or hide when they are called to stand on their own two feet and take the heat for an unpopular decision. In many cases, they decide not to decide so they don't have to take the heat. Or they blame We The People or circumstances or mommy or daddy. Or whomever.

Think Harry Truman vs. Jimmy Carter.

Today's Maureen Dowd column in NYTimes said it better than BobOnARoll ever could. But she should have concluded as I do.

He's a wimp.

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